iceCream Sandwiches

Rudy's is FIVE! Where the hell does time go? Five years of making a go of small-batch frozen desserts needs to be celebrated - with Big Bricks!

Rudy’s traditional Big Brick sandwiches have always been the brownie cookie with vanilla IceCream but with this round of the Sandwich Club, you can mix it up by selecting your brownie innards from the following:

  • Peanut Butter (natural peanut butter, no hydrogenated craziness)
  • Mint Chip (natural mint infused vanilla IceCream- it won’t be green!)
  • grupetto coffee (grupetto is a wonderful coffee shop located in Dundas!)
  • Traditional Vanilla (pure vanilla, tried and true)

Pick your flavours, place your order by specifying flavours and the quantity of each in the comment section of the order page, pay online and SIX BIG BRICKS will be delivered to your door on:

Wednesday April 11, 6:30-9:30pm!

Order here until Tuesday April 3!

Thank you for five years of  frozenonastick support! It’s been a ride and a half!

My heart is full.